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Current assignments

External links

NoodleTools: Organize source information, notecards, and create a works cited page
EBSCO Host Research: Search magazines and journals
The Purdue Online Writing Lab: This website provides help in all aspects of writing essays and research papers
Google Scholar: Like regular Google, but doesn't list Wikipedia as the first hit on every topic
VCS Library Search: Search a database of Village's library holdings

Files for students

Most recent files are on top.
finding_sources.ppt: This PowerPoint gives tips on how to find appropriate sources. (Shared by Ryan Blanck)
MLA_formatting.ppt: This PowerPoint deals with when and how to properly cite sources. (Shared by Ryan Blanck)
Noodle_notes.ppt: This PowerPoint shows how to analyze your works cited list, take notes, add tags, organize your notecards, and find sources.
Using_Noodle.rtf: This document explains how to start a works cited list, make notecards, use citations in your paper, and save a works cited page as a Word Doc.
Noodle-printing.rtf: This document shows how to print evidence of your number of notes and number of sources.
Noodle_intro.ppt: This PowerPoint explains how to get an account and add source information in order to make a works cited list.

Files for parents



Available ideas:
Do genetically modified crops threaten native plant species?
Should the United States build new nuclear power plants?
Should the United States store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada?
Does green marketing hurt the environmental movement?
Is organic farming better for the environment than conventional farming?
Should DDT be used to help eradicate malaria in Africa?

110271: How about: Is vegetarianism better for the environment than an omnivorous diet?
110414: Should the United States allow drilling of oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
111286: Does the presence of certain metals in fireworks justify their restricted use?
111373: Are local fire management policies bad for the environment?
112738: Should cosmetics be tested on animals?
113061: You have not submitted an approved topic.
113302: Does recycling paper help the environment?
113344: Should the United States replace nuclear power plants with renewable energy sources?
113352: Does taking the bus [or other public transportation if this is too narrow] help reduce air pollution?
114043: You have not submitted an approved topic.
114095: Are hybrid cars better for the environment than strictly gasoline-powered cars?
114195: How about: How can tropical biodiversity be preserved while still allowing people to make a living?
114279: Do hybrid cars reduce energy consumption and pollution?
114333: Do clean air laws ultimately save more money than they cost?
114442: Does recycling plastic bottles help the environment?
114809: Could stricter clean air laws significantly reduce the incidence of cancer?
115156: Should the United States bear much of the cost of preserving tropical rain forests?
115262: Which method of logging is the best compromise between environmental and economic interests?
115341: How about: Should the State of California restrict the growth of water-thristy crops to help alleviate drought? US government pays farmers to till the desert
115693: You have not submitted an approved topic.
116047: You have not submitted an approved topic.
116074: Are pandas worth saving?
116106: What should the United States do to prevent whaling in international waters?