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Class policies for all students

The following information (and more) can be found in the course syllabus for each class.

Excused absence
Homework assigned when you were in class or at school but due on a day when you are absent, is due the first day you return to school, whether you have my class that day. If I assign homework when you are absent, then you must find out via my web page, Twitter account, or other source. Most homework will be assigned at least a week in advance of its due date.

Athletes and those participating in other school-related events must submit homework and get any new assignments before leaving campus or missing class.

Make-up tests
If you miss a test, then I expect you to take it the first day you return to school, whether or not you have my class that day. Plan on staying after school if you have to! I can deduct points from your test if you take it late.

Class rules
The main rule is “You can do anything that doesn’t cause a problem for anyone else.” I want you to consider your actions and how they affect others. I do not have prescribed consequences in many cases.

Academic Integrity
Collaboration on assignments is usually acceptable (tests and quizzes are exceptions), but "sharing" papers with other students is generally considered cheating. Tip: if you have to look at someone's paper or show them your own, you might have crossed the line from collaboration or helping to cheating. I will enforce the Handbook policy on violations of academic integrity.

Late work
Late work receives a score of 0%. Any work due on a particular day is considered late if it is not turned in before I leave school for the day. If I am not in my room, work can be put in my box in the High School Office. (Sometimes work is due at the beginning of class (such as pre-labs), but that is not the norm.) For the record, labs are due two class days after we do the lab unless I say otherwise.

Extra Credit
The purpose of extra credit in my class is to reward good work, good effort, and good habits/behavior. It is not meant to compensate for not doing homework. Students, not parents, should ask me about opportunities for extra credit.

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