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Area II: The Living World

Your tasks this week are to read and take Cornell notes on the sections of the book listed in the topic outline. You can submit your notes using any of the methods described in the Summary section on the main summer work page, including email, postal services, or in person.

Due date: Saturday, July 11
Point value: 16 for the notes

Area II: The Living World Topic Outline
  • A. Ecosystem Structure
    • Topics
    • -Biological populations and communities
    • -Ecological niches
    • -Interactions among species
    • -Keystone species
    • -Species diversity and edge effects
    • -Major terrestrial and aquatic biomes
    • Reading
    • 4-1 The Nature of Ecology
    • 4-2 The Earth’s Life-Support Systems
    • 4-3 Ecosystem Components
    • 5-3 Ecological Niches and Adaptation
    • 8-1 Community Structure and Species Diversity
    • 8-2 Types of Species
    • 8-3 Species Interactions: Competition and Predation
    • 8-4 Species Interactions: Parasitism, Mutualism, and Commensalism
  • B. Energy Flow
  • C. Ecosystem Diversity
  • D. Natural Ecosystem Change
  • E. Natural Biogeochemical Cycles