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Area II: The Living World

Your tasks this week are to read and take Cornell notes on the sections of the book listed in the topic outline and take part in the discussions (click the "Add Discussion" button at the bottom of this page). You can submit your notes using any of the methods described in the Summary section on the main summer work page, including email, postal services, or in person. For help on how to get the most points for discussions, read the Discussions section on the main summer work page.

Due date: Saturday, July 18
Point value: 18 for the (3) discussions, 4 for the notes

Area II: The Living World Topic Outline
  • A. Ecosystem Structure
  • B. Energy Flow
    • Topics
    • - Photosynthesis and cellular respiration
    • - Food webs and trophic levels
    • - Ecological pyramids
    • Reading
    • 4-3 Ecosystem Components (you've already taken notes on this)
    • 4-4 Energy Flow in Ecosystems
    • 4-5 Primary Productivity in Ecosystems
  • C. Ecosystem Diversity
  • D. Natural Ecosystem Change
  • E. Natural Biogeochemical Cycles